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Helena Hamilton
Ten Moons Birthkeeper

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Are you pregnant and wanting a doula to support you? I [pronouns are she/her] can offer you complete care in Edinburgh, Fife, Glasgow, the Lothians and the Scottish borders.  Other areas may be possible, contact me to discuss further. Pregnancy is a sacred time and birth is a life changing adventure, having a doula enriches your experience and enables you to feel empowered throughout the process.

I will support you and your partner in whatever way you need and attend both home and birth centre births; occasionally I will attend hospital births, please get in touch to discuss. I can provide you with information on your choices and rights, birth plan options, hospital policies, current guidelines for the NHS and more. 

To be completely clear: this is a safe space for everyone. I support any and all birthing people, regardless of gender identity, sexuality, disability/ impairment or colour.


I support all births but specialise in VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) and recognise the additional challenges that this can involve. Be part of the community at the VBAC support group on Facebook.


Get in touch for a free, no-obligation meeting (in person if circumstances permit or by zoom) at a time that suits you. This allows you to get to know me a bit, ask questions and get a feel for whether we click and if I'm the right doula for you.


Sign up to my free newsletter to get a copy of my ebook 'A Simple Guide to Getting Your Partner on Board with an HBAC/VBAC'. You'll also be kept up to date with details of upcoming workshops and courses. Included in each newsletter will be information and tips covering different aspects of pregnancy and birth. My promise to you - no spamming, there will be a maximum 2-3 emails a month, and your email won't be shared with anyone else.

Your birth memories will stay with you forever - together we can make them good ones!

I can hold your hand during your pregnancy, labour, birth and immediate postpartum period, giving you holistic care and support wherever and whenever you need me.

This can range from accompanying you to antenatal appointments, providing you with information to enable you to make informed choices regarding your birth options, assisting you in designing your birth map and so much more. Where appropriate I can debrief any previous births - this can help to heal any negative experiences to enable you to welcome your upcoming birth with joy and positivity.

I will be on call for you from 38 weeks until your baby is born, 24 hours a day, giving you peace of mind that I am only a phone call away. As your doula I will be there to support you.

Why Ten Moons? Ten moons is the traditional length of a pregnancy on average. Lunar months are slightly shorter than calendar months, at 28 days, hence 10 moons is 40 weeks.

Feeling Mom's Tummy

'Having Helena, our doula involved in our second birth, a VBAC, was brilliant.  I was actually more nervous for things to go well as my first birth hadn't gone to plan.  Helena was so supportive.

I felt she had our back when it came to my husband and I having the labour and outcome we wanted so that throughout the labour we could focus on each other and the baby.'

Alex and Lynda, Dundee

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