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Birth Services

Birthing Centre Room

When you choose me as your doula I will be on call for you from 38 weeks until your baby is born, 24 hours a day, giving you peace of mind that I am only a phone call away. Whether you are planning to birth at home or in a birth centre I will be there for you; whether breastfeeding, bottle feeding or a mixture of the two, I will be there to support you. In some circumstances it may be possible for me to support you at a hospital birth too.

In every instance there will be a free (no obligation) meeting or zoom call for us to get to know each other a bit so that we can decide if we click and I'm the right doula for you. 

The support I offer includes the following:

* Three antenatal meetings (minimum);

* Clear, evidence-based research on relevant topics;

* Attendance at your antenatal appointments if desired;

* Homemade aromatherapy preparations for pregnancy and postpartum if desired;

* On call from 38 weeks until your baby is born;

* Continuous support during your labour and birth;

* Advocacy;

* Use of a peanut birth ball during labour;

* One postnatal visit with the option of a second if you would like; and

* Email support for two weeks following the birth.


When accepting the role of a doula I focus my time on my client, preparing birth affirmations, researching and providing information when needed, making aromatherapy preparations, stocking my doula basket with things that might be useful during labour, and being available at all times. To understand what being a doula entails and the value I provide please read this article by Jodi the Doula. People will spend thousands of pounds on a wedding, isn't your birth experience just as important?


'From the moment we welcomed Helena into our home we felt like we were welcoming an old friend. She was funny yet professional, calm yet full of good energy and just the right amount of quirky for us to know she belonged in our birthing team. We weren't wrong!

Not only did she listen, respect, encourage and support our needs to birth our baby the way we've envisioned (at home and unassisted.) For the birth she was everything we needed. Jamie and I were doing everything we could to encourage and welcome our baby into the world in another l.o.n.g three day labour.

Helena slotted in where she sensed a gap - helping with hands on techniques when Jamie was unavailable and offering reassuring and empowering words to help me through some difficult stages. I could sense, feel and hear her belief in me, which is just what every birthing mother needs!'

Hollie, Edinburgh

Virtual Doula Support

Don't live in Scotland? No problem, you can still hire me as your doula!


What does it look like?

  • Weekly/fortnightly Zoom chats, depending on your preference

  • Messaging via private WhatsApp group

  • Virtual support during your labour via WhatsApp and/or Zoom

What's the investment?

£1500 payable in three equal instalments of £500:

  1. Non-refundable deposit on booking;

  2. By 30 weeks;

  3. By 36 weeks.

Homebirths and birth centres. In-person support

The investment of £2000 is payable in four equal instalments of £500: a non-refundable deposit on booking; payments at 30 and 36 weeks and a final payment within 7 days of the birth.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a monthly payment plan because we can always work something out. 

Labour ward births. In-person support

I will occasionally attend labour ward births. The investment of £3000 is payable in four equal instalments of £750: a non-refundable deposit on booking; payments at 30 and 36 weeks and a final payment within 7 days of the birth.

The higher fees for labour ward births reflect the increased level of advocacy required and the more stressful environment involved.

It is also possible to arrange for me to give you antenatal support only, without hospital birth support; or virtual doula support, as outlined above.

A note on coronavirus restrictions

At the time of writing (July 2022), there are no restrictions on doulas being present at births; however, if restrictions are reintroduced during the on call period then I will endeavour to support you virtually (via WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom or similar) during labour. Given that potential restrictions imposed by the NHS are outwith my control, there is no fee reduction if I'm prevented from attending your birth in person.

'We were very fortunate to have Helena step in as our doula during the last few weeks of my pregnancy. We enjoyed the pre-birth meetings with her and appreciated her thorough questions that helped us consider all aspects of the birth, as well as honest chat over cake. And she is so incredibly responsive.

We were hoping for a VBAC – we hadn’t expected it to be quite so long and dramatic at the end, but Helena gave us energy, practical help, and confidence in our decisions. It made it the best it could be and we achieved what we wanted. With Helena with us it seemed a wonderful experience.

The feeling of having managed a VBAC, having my son in my arms at the end of it, the positive physical effects of the birth made us feel like it was the most amazing experience.  Helena gave us support, energy and used her knowledge to help us achieve that result.'

Lindsey, Edinburgh

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