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Send me a message using the contact form below and I'll endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours. Occasionally it may take longer, for example if I'm attending a birth, so please bear with me. In the meantime, why not see what I've been up to on Facebook, Instagram or join the Scottish VBAC Support Group?

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'I think having a doula can be the difference from an impersonal birthing experience where interventions are more likely to something special, where the birthing mother is put at the centre. That is certainly the difference between my first and second child's birth.

If you are considering a doula I would 100% recommend Helena. You will come out the other side feeling educated, cared for and empowered.'

Sara, Giffnock

'I felt empowered. My husband felt stronger and more prepared. We felt like a dream team. We had a beautiful labour. And support after birth was so important I won't even attempt to put it in words.

Have a doula people. It might change your entire experience all together. I know it changed mine.'

Aga, Roslin

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